How the HCG Diet Can Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

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Denver HCG Diet SpecialistsTired of struggling unsuccessfully with weight loss? It’s disappointing and frustrating to say the least, but it doesn’t have to be. A personalized HCG diet plan created by a local Denver HCG Diet specialist can unlock the secret to a thinner and healthier you in record time.

History of the HCG Diet

For over 60 years, men and women have enjoyed the benefits of dramatic weight loss from HCG diet plans. The research is based on the extensive work of Doctor Albert T.W. Simeons, a world-renowned British endocrinologist.

While conducting research in India, doctor Simeons uncovered the potential of the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone to help obese patients lose weight. During his research, Doctor Simeons began to notice amazing results with impoverished pregnant women who worked long hours and could afford very little food. These women were somehow able to give birth to healthy, full-weight infants despite their own malnutrition.

Based on research, Dr. Simeons found that the good health of these infants born to the poverty-stricken women was attributed to the protection of the HCG hormone, naturally produced during pregnancy. The HCG hormone targets and metabolizes fat stores to supplement inadequate daily nutrition. This stored fat was converted into the energy and nutrients the fetus needed to fully develop.

As a result, Dr. Simeons began to use HCG hormone supplementation in conjunction with a low-calorie diet to effect drastic weight loss in many of his obese patients suffering weight loss resistance. In 1954, Dr. Simeon published his findings in his book entitled “Pounds and Inches – A New Approach to Obesity” in which he discusses his work and research with obesity and treatments using HCG.

Medical weight loss professionals were quick to note the success of these findings. As a result, they have used variations of Dr. Simeons original HCG diet plan for over 60 years. Our Denver HCG Doctors Locator® can help you locate a doctor in your area of Colorado to determine how a personalized HCG diet plan can safely help you lose as much as 30 pounds of stored body fat in as little as 30 days.

Application of HCG for Weight Loss

The HCG diet uses HCG, along with a low calorie diet, to stimulate fat loss. While the body naturally has structural fat, which is a protective layer between the skin and organs, the body often begins storing abnormal fat, which is fat that is often stored around the abdomen, or on the thighs, hips, back or arms. Excess fat is stored in the body when you eat more calories than your body burns. Unfortunately, most diets that severely restrict calories cause the body to burn muscle tissue as energy, resulting in a loss of muscle mass instead of fat loss.

The HCG diet uses HCG to trigger the body to release abnormal fat, burning it for energy instead of burning muscle tissue. HCG must be used in conjunction with a low calorie diet to trigger the body to start burning fat stores. Most people notice that they still maintain their energy while on the diet, and the HCG prevents the severe side effects that often come with hunger while on a low calorie diet. The diet’s ability to specifically target unhealthy fat without leading to protein deficiencies or muscle loss is what makes it such a revolutionary weight loss plan for individuals who have not had success with other weight loss programs.

How Can I Get a Personalized HCG Diet Plan?

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