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BioHarmony Medical – Denver Colorado HCG Diet Doctor

At BioHarmony Medical, Doctor Shauna Wright uses a comprehensive approach to the complex process of losing weight, which starts with a full health assessment and lab testing that identifies the bio-markers specific to metabolic imbalances and weight loss, including an analysis of thyroid, hormones, adrenal function, insulin, glucose and leptin levels. Patients will be prescribed customized HCG Diet Protocols or compounded Bioidentical Hormones according to lab results. These are critical therapies specific to weight loss and maintaining a healthy metabolism. All the supplements in the program are pharmaceutical grade and only available through a licensed healthcare provider. As a Denver HCG Doctor, Shauna Wright, M.D. understands all the mechanisms for losing weight and deploys unique techniques to help men and women lose weight. Common benefits that come with weight loss include increased energy, improved muscle tone, pain relief in joints, improved sex drive, brain memory and acuity improvements. Using the unique full brain and body approach coupled with the HCG Diet, men and women can lose weight and enhance their natural biochemistry.


  • The HCG Diet Protocol
  • Medical weight loss
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Lab testing
  • Full health assessments
  • Adrenal optimization
  • Thyroid balancing
  • Insulin level testing
  • Testosterone supplementation
  • Exercise programs
  • Improved metabolic function
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Menopause therapies
  • Perimenopause treatments
  • Male hormone balancing
  • Estrogen supplementation

Background and Experience

Doctor Wright has been a physician for 23 years, and she is board certified in Family Practice. She chose Osteopathic Medicine due to its focus on a preventive and holistic approach for treating the patient as a whole, not just treating a disease. She received her medical degree from Michigan State College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1987. She spent her first 10 years practicing medicine in the San Francisco Bay Area, and subsequently moved her practice to the Denver area in 1998. Doctor Wright has devoted the past 6 years to furthering her education and research in the area of Restorative and Age Management Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine, and preventive care to help men and women optimize physical and mental health, performance, and quality of life. She is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Institute of Functional Medicine, International Hormone Society, North American Menopause Society, Integrative Practitioner, and the Age Management Medicine Group.