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Denver Colorado HCG Medical Weight Loss for Men

Are you a man in the Denver, Colorado area who is unhappy about the amount of fat on your body as opposed to the amount of muscle? Whether you are a little overweight or clinically obese, you can see dramatic results with the HCG diet.

The HCG Diet program uses a combination of daily HCG injections and a very low-calorie diet for up to 40 days followed by a maintenance phase. It is a safe, effective weight loss program for both men and women.

What Results Can Men Expect?

As long as men stick to the diet without deviation, they can usually expect to lose at least a pound each day, although results may vary from person to person. Some men have even lost as much as two pounds a day. Anecdotal evidence shows that men often lose more weight at a faster rate than women do while on the HCG diet. As a result of the weight loss, many men not only meet their weight loss goals, but they also enjoy health benefits, including lower blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels, and lower blood pressure.

How Are Testosterone Levels Affected by the HCG Diet?

Many men have a difficult time losing weight due to low testosterone levels. The HCG diet proves effective for many men because HCG naturally stimulates testosterone production in the testicles. HCG works to reset the hypothalamus, which enables the body to balance its hormones. Along with weight loss, men on the HCG diet may see increased testosterone levels, which can provide many different benefits. Because hormone levels vary among men, a physician will run multiple tests, including tests that check hormone levels, before tailoring this diet to meet each man’s specific needs. Some of the common symptoms associated with low testosterone it includes:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low sperm count
  • Decreased lean muscle mass
  • Insomnia

If you are experiencing any of these problems before starting the HCG diet, it is important to discuss them with your Denver HCG doctor. He or she should check your testosterone level prior to starting the program to ensure that it is not significantly out of balance. The good news is that doctors already use HCG to treat low testosterone issues. Men who have undergone treatment typically report an increased sex drive, increased strength and energy, reduced body fat, and many other positive improvements.

How Does HCG Burn Fat While Preserving Muscle Mass Integrity?

Men take pride in appearing muscular, so it’s only natural that they are concerned about losing muscle mass rather than fat while on the HCG diet. Fortunately, this is one concern you can easily put to rest. The biggest advantage of the HCG diet is that the hormone directs the body to draw its energy from fat reserves rather than muscle. This process is exactly the opposite of other diets where people hang on to fat while losing muscle. When this happens, dieters suffer from hunger, low energy, irritability, and other issues that eventually make them give up. HCG dieters, on the other hand, have plenty of energy even though they are consuming a very low amount of calories every day.

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